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Everything is big in Texas, including their ideas about what family healthcare should include. Texas residents and their families have great options for their healthcare thanks to the protection offered by a variety of state regulations to go along with the plethora of reliable and affordable family health insurance carriers available in the state. Those who have thoroughly researched the healthcare options available to them have been able to choose the best coverage plan to best suit their family situation. Protect your family by learning about what family healthcare plans are offered in Texas.

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Health Insurance Carriers in Texas:


Family Health Insurance Regulations in Texas (TX):

  • The state of Texas imposes cost limits on insurance policies.

  • Insurance companies offering group insurance in the state of Texas must limit their exclusion period to 12 months for pre-existing conditions. Companies are allowed to review medical records up to 6 months prior to an application.

  • Small businesses in the state of Texas may purchase group health plans, but self-employed individuals may not.

  • For individual health plans, Texas does not impose a limit on insurance companies with regard to setting exclusion periods for coverage of pre-existing conditions.

  • Genetic information is not considered a pre-existing condition, but pregnancy can be.

  • Texas insurance companies may deny coverage to those with a medical condition, but the state does offer an insurance risk pool to those that are rejected or cannot afford a policy. The Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool has no enrollment cap, but it does have a 12 month exclusion period similar to other group plans. There is no annual limit on benefits, although a lifetime benefit cap of $1,000,000 is in place.

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TX State Resources:

The Texas Department of Insurance
333 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78701

Texas Health and Human Services Commission
4900 N. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78751-2316
2-1-1 from Texas landlines

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