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Regence BlueShield of Washington (BCBS WA)

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Regence BlueShield of Washington
PO Box 21267
Seattle, WA 98111-3267

In business for almost a century, Regence Blue Cross is a leader in health care for the state of Washington. Today, Regence serves more than 2.5 million members overall (as of 2010). Regence Blue Shield of Washington is an independent licensee of the Blue Shield Blue Cross Association and a part of the growing Regence group of health providers in the Pacific Northwest.

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Regence BCBS Washington Family Plans

Regence Blue Shield Washington offers its Regence Breakthru plans for individuals and families. These plans offer varying levels of coverage based on your health care and budget needs. These plans are meant to be simple and easy to understand, with three different levels of coverage. Benefits include major medical as well as prescription drug coverage. These plans do not include maternity care. For more complete coverage, Regence Blue Shield of Washington offers the following plans:

* Selections - This plan carries a low annual deducible, after which you are 80% covered for a wealth of care, including acupuncture, phototherapy, maternity services and more. Low copays of $15, plus the convenience of referral-free service make this an excellent comprehensive plan.

* Selections (with higher deductible) - Similar to the plan listed above, the higher deductible Selections option allows you to lower your mnothly premium.

Other Plan Options

Regence Blue Cross of Washington also offers coverage exclusively for catastrophic incidents. These plans carry lower premiums in exchange for fewer benefits, but insure you in the event of hospitalization for major health incidents.

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