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Oxford Health Plan
44 South Broadway
White Plains, NY 10601

Oxford Health Plans serves over 1.5 million people in lower New England and New Jersey.  With so many customers to think of, the carrier has to offer families plenty of options when it comes to keeping their loved ones healthy. Their coverage plans vary in deductible and premium costs, leaving no one out of the mix.

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Family Health Insurance Options from Oxford Health

Plans currently offered to families include:

  • Freedom Plan: This plan offers a range of deductible options. One physical a year is offered free of charge, in addition to the plan offering preventive care, emergency service and well-child visits. Children receive childhood immunizations, pediatric care through age 19 and adolescent well-care. Dental care is also available. When visiting an in-network doctor only a co-payment is required.

  • HMO Plan: There is no non-network coverage with this plan; as a preventive plan, wellness programs, physicals and well-visits are emphasized. Children receive immunization, adolescent well-care, routine care to age 19 and preventive dentistry to age 11.

  • Liberty Plan: Members can visit any doctor, but those out of the network involve extra charges and co-insurance amounts. Claim forms are also required. For in-network care, preventive and well-ness visits are emphasized. Children whose parents are enrolled in the plan get well-child, immunization and routine dentistry until the age of 11.

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Additional Oxford Health Plan Family Health Insurance Options

Oxford Health Plans also offers a consumer-driven option that provides hospitalization and well-ness coverage In addition, the carrier gives its members access to no-charge medical care (including immunizations, routine health visits and pediatric care), a free well-woman exam twice a year, mail-order pharmacy service and reimbursement for gym fees in some areas. Oxford's many plans offer enrollees peace of mind and a myriad of options that especially benefit those who are willing to use network doctors. Perhaps this is why they have consistently received excellent ratings from the largest ratings companies.

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AM Best: A-
Fitch: A+

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