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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
5901 Chapel Hill Road
Durham, NC 27707

BCBS North Carolina brings the quality of care and outstanding customer service associated with the BCBS name to families across the state. Families can enjoy comprehensive preventative care coverage, as well as reliable support in case of incidental health needs. BCBS NC also helps families save money by offering a number of value-added programs which offer valuable information and healthcare discounts at no additional expense.

Health Insurance Options from BCBS North Carolina (NC)

BCBS North Carolina features a number of products designed to offer families a wide range of coverage options. Their product offerings include:

*HSA: Health Savings Accounts, one of the newest innovations in healthcare, give families the freedom and flexibility to take an active hand in their healthcare spending. These plans combine a high-deductible health plan with an HSA, a tax-exempt savings account which families can contribute to at any time, and from which health funds are then withdrawn. Enjoy the most control possible over your spending, as you not only determine how much money is deposited into the account, but also exactly how and when it is spent.

* PPO: BCBS NC offers two PPO options, with varying levels of premium, deductible and coinsurance payments. This variety enables families to identify the plan which will best suit their budget and coverage needs. Keep your family healthy and safe with a comprehensive major medical policy that fits your lifestyle and financial needs. As with all PPOs, keep your costs lowest by seeking care from an in-network physician, but also enjoy the freedom to see any physician you wish.

*Additional Services: BCBS NC also offers dental insurance, Medicare supplemental policies, short-term coverage options, and long-term care insurance to families seeking extended health coverage.

Please note that Plan specifics may change over time and may not be available to everyone. Be sure to check with BCBS North Carolina directly.

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