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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama (BCBSAL)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
450 Riverchase Parkway
Birmingham, Alabama 35244

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama has been contracting with businesses and individuals for more than seventy years, serving most of Alabama's large businesses, along with many small companies, individuals, and families. They also contract with the federal government to administer Medicare Programs A and B for the state of Alabama. Their Preferred Medical Doctor network (PMD), which began in 1984, is the largest in the state.

BCBS of Alabama (AL) Health Insurance Options

BCBS Alabama offers several ways your family can take advantage of their extensive provider network. These plans include PMD plans, which allow you to see any physician in the network, primary care physician plans, which assign you to a single doctor to coordinate your care, and options to protect you should you or your family ever need long-term care.

Individual Blue - This plan is a direct pay-plan for Alabama citizens who do not have employer-sponsored access to health insurance. The plan provides coverage for hospital visits, as well as medical and prescription drug benefits.

Blue Link - This short-term plan provides health care coverage for individuals who may be between jobs, working part-time, or any other situation which would cause a gap in coverage. Blue Link is a PPO, with physicians to be chosen from the BCBS PMD, or Preferred Medical Doctor network.

Preferred Long-Term Care - This plan is a special indemnity against long-term care not covered by major medical. The plan is customized according to the dollar amount of per-day care you want protection for, and the length of the care you envision. Long-Term Care is designed for patients who have chronic conditions expected to last for over 90 days and require constant attention.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama also offers Medicare Supplement coverage, both with and without Part D Prescription coverage.

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