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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut (BCBSCT)

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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut
370 Bassett Rd.
New Haven, CT 06473

When Anthem acquired Blue Cross Blue Shield in 1999, subscribers of both insurance companies had become accustomed to good customer service. Although this still remains the case, the face of insurance has changed with the advent of consumer-driven health plans such as the Health Savings Account (HSA), which give members more control over how their contribution is applied. Until needed, members deposit funds into a tax-advantaged savings account which can then be used as need be for medical costs. In Connecticut, the HSA plan for Anthem BCBS is called Anthem ByDesign (there is also an additional HSA plan with PPO-style benefits known as Lumenos®). On November 30, 2004, Anthem, Inc. merged with WellPoint Health Networks, Incorporated.

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Anthem BCBS Connecticut (CT) Health Insurance Options

Families are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of the WellPoint and Anthem combination. BCBS of Connecticut offers families plenty of options when it comes to keeping their loved ones healthy. Their coverage plans vary in deductible and premium costs, so all sizes and kinds of families can choose the plan that best serves them. Plans currently offered to families include:

  • Blue Care Direct: This is an HMO plan that offers built-in vision and maternity coverage as well as the choice between two prescription plans. There is no out-of-network coverage, and the plan does not apply in other states.

  • Century Preferred Direct 80/20 and 100: A PPO plan that includes vision and four deductibles. Higher deductibles allow 100% coverage after the deductible is met. There is no maternity coverage offered with this plan; members can choose an optional prescription plan.

  • Lumenos® HSA: offers the same coverage as the Century Preferred Direct plan with different deductible options; the difference with this plan is that it's meant to be connected to a HSA plan.


Dental Plans from Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield of Connecticut

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut offers four different dental plans. The main focus of these plans is on preventing dental problems with regular exams and treatment options, although one plan includes coverage for oral surgery and orthodontics. Blue Cross Blue Shield's assortment of PPO plans for Connecticut residents offer enrollees peace of mind and a myriad of options that especially benefit those who are willing to use network doctors. Perhaps this is why they have consistently received excellent ratings from the four ratings companies.

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