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American Family Insurance
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American Family Insurance offers a range of insurance products in 17 states. In business since 1927, they pride themselves on customer service. Though offerings vary from state to state, American Family offers two basic major medical policies: AmChoice and AmChoice Plus. Both AmChoice and AmChoice Plus allow you to choose your deductible, as long as you satisfy(pay) the deductible every year. Another unique feature of these plans is that once your child reaches the age where they are no longer covered by your policy, he or she can begin his or her own policy with no underwriting cost. Neither AmChoice nor AmChoice Plus covers pre-existing conditions.

In some states, AmChoice and AmChoice Plus may not be offered. However, if you begin a policy in a state which offers these plans, you continue to be insured in your new location for the life of the policy. In states where American Family’s major medical plans are not offered, they may still offer supplemental health insurance or prescription discount programs.

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